Ultimate 7 Whirlpool Bathtub



$999.00 TUB ONLY (no jets or pump)

White Tub & 7 White Jets, On Off Switch, Air Control Knob, & 1.5 HP Pump


Product Descriptions

The Ultimate 7 Whirlpool Bathtub is 43x84x20.5. This whirlpool bath tub is the longest tub we've ever made. If you are over six feet tall this is the bathtub you can stretch out in, fully relax & soak your tensions away. The inside of the Ultimate 7 is oval. It comes with 7 large adjustable jets, 1 air control knob, 1 on off switch, & a 1.5 HP pump. The back end of this whirlpool tub in sloped nicely & has 1 large adjustable jet for your back. Both sides have 3 jets each & the drain is in the end of the bathtub. Let us add extra jets to this whirlpool bath so you can get that total massage you've always dreamed of.


Product Options

  • Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, or Brushed Nickel Jets (+$100.00)
  • Bone or Biscuit Tub Color (+$50.00)
  • Chromatherapy Light (+$200.00)
  • 2 HP Pump (+$50.00)
  • Extra Jets (+$50.00 ea.)
  • Heater (+$200.00)


Product Diagram