Classic II Whirlpool Bathtub



$875.00 TUB ONLY (no jets or pump)

White Tub & 6 White Jets, On Off Switch, Air Control Knob, & 1.5 HP Pump


Product Descriptions

The Classic II Whirlpool Bathtub is 47.5x71x21. This whirlpool bath is rectangular on the outside & oval on the inside. It comes with 6 jets, 1 air control knob, 1 acrylic handrail, 1 on off switch & a 1.5 HP pump. Both ends of the Classic II are sloped & have a large adjustable jet so 2 people can face each other & each person will have a jet in their back. Both sides have 2 large jets & the drain is on the side. Let us add some extra micro jets in the ends of this whirlpool tub for an experience you'll never forget.


Product Options

  • Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, or Brushed Nickel Jets (+$85.00)
  • Bone or Biscuit Tub Color (+$50.00)
  • Chromatherapy Light (+$200.00)
  • 2 HP Pump (+$50.00)
  • Extra Jets (+$50.00 ea.)
  • Heater (+$200.00)


Product Diagram