About Gulfstream Whirlpool Bath

At Gulfstream, we take pride in producing the finest whirlpool bath on the market. Each bathtub shell is made from the highest quality acrylic and backed with fire retardant fiberglass for maximum strength and support. Each whirlpool unit is factory pretested to assure you of getting a quality product.

Gulftstream bathub shells are warranted to be free of defects in matreial and workmanship in the finish for a period of one year and in the structure fro a period of five years. All of the whilrpool components (including the pump) carry a five year manufacturer's warranty.

We truly believe in customr satisfaction and that's why we give our customers 10 days to decide. Risk Free! If, for any reason, you are unstatisfied with the whirlpool bath you ordered, send it back. We'll gladly refund your money. We are convinced that there is no one in the industry that makes a better product, and we are confident that you will agree. We give high quality at great value with customer satisfaction guaranteed. At Gulfstream Whirlpool Bath, that's the only way to do business.

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