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Whether you're building a home or creating a space personalized to your taste, ensuring every room is perfect makes for the ideal home. As one of the most essential places in the house, the bathroom, especially, should not be overlooked. At Gulfstream in Dalton, Georgia, we think every bath you take should be a lavish experience suited to your needs. This is why we produce the best acrylic bathtubs and whirlpool bathtubs in the nation.

The Difference Is Quality

When purchasing a classic bathtub rather than a whirlpool, you get an excellent model with no jets. No bells and whistles here. These are ideal to simply enjoy a bath and soaking. No matter what model you choose; we guarantee top quality.

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Welcome to Gulfstream Whirlpool Bath

At Gulfstream Whirlpool Bath we create your bathtub and whirlpool tub with the highest quality materials and the precision craftsmanship that we use when we build one for our own family.

Our bathtubs have an acrylic surface which is easy to clean and two thick coats of fiberglass for maximum strength and support. Each tub has a 5/8" piece of osb mounted to the bottom. Every whirlpool tub is filled with water and tested for two hours. No jetted tub leaves our factory until we know it is perfect. All our whirlpool baths have a full 5 year warranty on the complete unite.

We've been manufacturing whirlpool tubs for 29 years in our home town of Dalton Georgia. Let us build your next whirlpool bath and make the bathroom the best part of your home.

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